Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Vintage Home VAM

As always, this blog is to show collectibles that were found at 
Village Antiques Mall at the time the photos were taken. 
All sales are through personal shopping at Village Antiques Mall.

A visit to Colleen's Booth Vintage Home
(watermark should have been Vintage Home Village Antiques Mall) 

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  1. you are so sweet to feature me! Thank you!

  2. I came over from the comment you left on my rusty stools. I love this idea of featuring a booth in VAM. Our booths are in RAM - Riverfront Antiques Mall located on the Savannah river on the border of South Carolina and Georgia (US). Our booths are similar in size and have the pegboard walls. If you do not mind, I might mention this idea of a booth in a blog to our manager/owner to see if she would like to do something like this. I looked down several posts and saw some great goodies stashed in those spaces.


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