Monday, June 16, 2014

Finders Keepers - A fresh look

As always, this blog is to show collectibles that were found at Village Antiques Mall 
at the time the photos were taken.
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Village Antiques Mall.

Featuring Finders Keepers
Sometimes it is nice to get a 'peek' at the process of setting up a new booth in an antiques mall. Finders Keepers has been positively busy creating their new space.
 Adding structure. Prepping.
 Painting and adding showcases and furniture.
and here is even more:

If you are in the Fort Langley BC area 
please drop in for a personal visit.
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  1. Your home is so refreshing. May I please inquire as to the living room wall paint color and brand? I find whites to be so tricky, they are either blue, or gray. You have such a good eye and talent for photography, that your walls appear to be white, like paper white, on my computer screen anyway. I thank you in advance. Enjoy what remains of spring!


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